Claire Ward-Thornton drawings

Claire Ward-Thornton


I love drawing. I'm a pencil and paper girl, finishing in digital.

My work is about people and the everyday, from walking the dog, to baking cakes...

I'm intersted in the situations that bring people together and the relationships which connect us - city life, domestic living, friends, family - the details, the quirks, the intensity of it all...

If you'd like to commission a work, get in touch - easy!

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Old Fashioned Baking   ONE Condoms   All in the breeding
  Claire Ward-Thornton illustration   Claire Ward-Thornton illustration  
A Visual Feast   Tiverton Wolf Mural   oh you really shouldn't
What an Angel   Girls   Tiverton Woods
  Claire Ward-Thornton illustration      
Sexy lines   great british rugs carpets   Nude not rude
  claire wt      
Freddie claire wt Do Not Disturb   Mafjay's Wedding
Be Safe Service, Bristol NHS   The Advantage of Vintage  


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